Alecia Stone

Professional Disciplinarian

"Ms. Alecia was ready at the agreed upon time.  She was very welcoming as I walked in, and we had a nice little chat before the session.  She was wearing a slim dress, and black stockings, and the lace up, four-inch heeled boots which she was kind enough to wear as a request - very sexy, and they enhanced her dominant beauty. All of us subs think we are special, but keep in mind how many emails and requests a classy, dominant woman like Ms. Alecia receives.  No matter how many times you obsessively emailed her before your visit, respectfully remind her of what your limits are (or lack thereof) and desires are. You will notice how soft spoken she is, yet how easily she remains in control. You can request a scenario, but she has her own great imagination; if you submit to her and follow her lead, you will be glad you did. Following her lead will be way more fun than any script you write out; if you need that, there are plenty of models with whips out there.  Ms. Alecia is a true, dominant woman; the kind you really crave to meet. Her pictures, by the way, do not quite do justice to her statuesque beauty and long, perfect, sexy legs.  I look forward to submitting completely to her full discipline without a safe word. She stays on schedule (which is the only way to be fair), but she is not an obsessive clock watcher, nor does she use gimmicks like background music to keep track of time.  I included an extra ten in the envelope as a small thank you for reading all my emails, ha.  Submitting to Ms. Alecia is like a great vacation that starts from the moment you enter the room.  I hope to see her again soon, and will gladly submit to her control."

"You of course we're a vision, the very woman of all my spanking fantasies. Beautiful, exotic, with the longest shapeliest legs I have ever imagined finding myself gazing at with the growing realization I would soon be over your knee for a good sound bare bottom spanking. 

And what a spanking it was, a long warm up that built in its intensity to a paddling and belting...culminating with a final hairbrushing and your stingiest implement of all, your hand!  It was quite simple a delight, but what made it a fantasy brought to life Alecia, was you. The way you bring me into the scene, casual talk that settles the nerves,  your warm smiles and slowly you begin to take us into my deepest dream, bringing our talk toward our play, give and take in questioning as we decide what roles to play.. Then even in this small room you step into the bathroom and when you emerge my GF has come home. This evening not happily so, and with that,  the fantasy comes to life... This is where you so excel Alecia. A lot of women think they understand the nuances of spanking, many can put you over their knee and administer a good sound spanking, but very few can bring you into the fantasy so completely and do so with their words, their eyes and looks. Your scolding so sincere, never humiliating but full of caring and hurt... I have caused you angst but rather than sharp harsh words, I'm made to feel bad for having caused you such mistrust and those words come home to make me want to put things right, truly right. It is that moment of vulnerability that you spring the trap. You have brought me to that point of belief that I would do anything you asked not to lose you.... I know in my heart it's fantasy, but my mind has given in to the moment and where the mind goes the heart follows. That is your secret Alecia, you don't just give a good sound bare bottom spanking ( something you do quite well I might add) you suspend time and create a parallel time and place. One where the woman most important to me, is giving me the choice and to calm your hurt, and ally my guilt I take your offer.  To allow you to punish me in the way you think most fitting, going over your knee for a good sound bare bottom spanking... Not only now, but setting the no nonsense tone that tells me while this may be my first time across you lap, for an ever so embarrassing spanking, it will not be the last time you warm my bottom. No, with this spanking you set the hook letting me know that from this first spanking going forward I will be back across your beautiful lap, anytime you want me there. That is what fantasy is about. Creating a reality that has legs and so completely embraces me that for this moment, it is no longer fantasy.

That is what you so completely understand Alecia and why those of us you allow into your embrace, continue to come back as often as we can.  You bring our deepest secret into the light and let us live it completely.  All I can do is say Thank you Alecia for not only the spanking, which BTW has a delicious after sting... Thank you for it all... It is beyond words what you have given me. But one thing is already certain, I cannot wait for our next visit."

"I recently met Miss Stone for what I hope is the first of many disciplinary sessions.  Apart from being exotically beautiful, she has long silky smooth legs and a lap that was made for 'over the knee' spankings. She is also a delightful Lady to spend a few moments speaking with before giving you the spanking of your life.

As any of us that have had a lifelong desire for spankings, finding the right disciplinarian is no easy task, even more difficult for a male trying to find a woman disciplinarian.  The phrase "you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your princess" comes to mind. Over many years I have found very few Lady's who really understand spanking and what makes things work for those of us that want to have our bottoms warmed. Miss Stone not only understands the many nuances of spanking, she relishes her role as a disciplinarian and giving you the spanking you not only desire, but generally deserve and she does so with a bottom warming gusto that leaves you rubbing a sore red backside, even while contemplating when your next spanking over her knee will be.

From the moment I first met her and we began to speak she made me feel very warm and comfortable. She asks questions to help her understand not only what type of spanking you are seeking, but why. She really wants to understand and connect with you so she can administer exactly the spanking you seek and to not only give you that physical experience you want, but the scolding and scene building you want as well.  She is also very open in answering any questions I had for her and that helps make the connection even easier.

Additionally,  She is so good with her scolding and scene building that she brings you into the scene so completely, you forget that this is anything less than a very real spanking you are about to receive. You actually begin to feel bad that you have disappointed this beautiful no nonsense Woman. Once you are taken over her knee, you have no doubt you are about to be given a spanking that is going to occur on her terms, for as long as she determines your misbehavior warrants.  She tells you so in no uncertain terms. You can squirm, kick and wiggle all you want but this Lady has no difficulty keeping you in position across her lap and spanking your bottom quite red and sore.  In the end, you have no choice but to accept the spanking she has determined you deserve.

You are given exactly what you had wanted all along, a good sound, bare bottomed spanking while over the knee of a warm, caring womanly disciplinarian. If you are someone who desires a firm handed disciplinarian, who is not only beautiful but strict, Alecia Stone is everything you could want with a lap that was made for over the knee spanking. She is also a warm caring woman you will enjoy meeting and getting to know. She will make you feel comfortable but have no problem giving you the spanking you deserve.  I know I will be going back as often as I can and my bottom will allow. She is the perfect disciplinarian and I cannot recommend her enough."



"I have had the "pleasure" of being spanked by Alecia Stone three times now. She is everything a naughty boy could want in a disciplinarian and then some. She is tall, slender, beautiful, and STRONG. She spanks harder with just her hand than many other disciplinarians spank with their most evil implements. So your poor bottom definitely does not want to feel her paddle or her cane. OUCH!!!

I'm a very shy boy and I am embarrassed by my need to submit to a dominant woman's guidance and discipline so the first session with a new disciplinarian is always awkward for me. But Alecia quickly put me at ease. She is very caring and genuinely concerned about her clients. Our first session was more of a maintenance session where Alecia learned about my pain tolerance and taught me strategies to use to lose weight and become a more healthy boy. I left with a sore bottom but the spanking wasn't all that bad.

Our second session was more of a punishment spanking. Alecia blistered my poor bottom for not following my diet and exercise program. But she still gave me the benefit of the doubt and didn't punish me quite as strictly as maybe I deserved to be punished.

Our third session was definitely a punishment spanking. I had been a good boy for two weeks, but then reverted back to my naughty boy ways for three weeks. Alecia was VERY disappointed in me and my poor bottom felt her disappointment loud and clear. Alecia was very strict but also very fair. She eased up every time I was on the verge of tears and I didn't think I could take any more punishment. I'm not sure how Alecia knew when to ease up but she did.

I can't wait for my fourth Alecia Stone spanking next month. It will be a GOOD boy maintenance spanking. I WAS a very stubborn boy but I finally learned my lesson over Alecia's lap. I'm Alecia's good boy now. My poor bottom and I don't want to ever disappoint her again. Her spankings are MAGIC! If she can change my naughty boy behavior then I'm sure she can help anybody with a need for discipline from a caring female authority figure."



"I met Alecia during one of her recent trips to DC. I was somewhat surprised when she opened the door...she is beautiful, has a wonderful smile and instantly made me feel right at home. I quickly experienced a feeling of being at-ease...not frequently the case during my first encounter with a new disciplinarian. I'm a long-time spanko and have met many disciplinarians over the last twenty years...I was amazed at how easy it became for me to quickly lower my guard. We spoke for half an hour prior to session...and that time simply flew by...Alecia proved to be very down-to-earth and our conversation was wonderful...the perfect foundation to what I hope to become a long-term disciplinary relationship. Chemistry- and open lines of honest communication- are of utmost importance to me as it allows for a whole, complete and well-rounded disciplinary connection between myself and my disciplinarian. Without these attributes there are no second sessions- and my desired chemistry was quickly realized during our very first encounter.

The session was unbelievable. Alecia quickly fell into character and established full control- just as I had desired. She executed the role that I had requested to perfection. It is so very nice to be able to be open and feel comfortable with discussing my disciplinary desires with my chosen disciplinarian. Alecia listened to me...again- not always the case with many disciplinarians. She delivered...down to the smallest detail...every component of my request was met with enthusiasm. How refreshing to spend time with a disciplinarian that wants nothing more than to deilver the type of discipline that I had requested...and she truly enjoyed making my fantasy my sore-bottomed reality- and relished every second of it as well- icing on the cake! An encounter that I will certainly never forget. I can't wait for our next session!

Alecia has proved to be the consummate professional disciplinarian. I urge you to contact Alecia if you are considering a request for session. I am beyond confident that you will find that you'll be very glad that you did!"


"The sessions I have had with  Alecia have been fantastic, she kept me wanting to come back for more. She makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and does not rush on the time. The thing I love most about her is first of course her looks, she is absolutely a beautiful girl from head to toe. She is also very dominant and knows just when to turn it on and off.  Alecia is the type of girl who can get away with punishing any man and get away with it. I would rate her 100% quality and 100% looks, she is the type of disciplinarian that you would love to be around and keeps you excited the whole time."


"I contacted Alecia hoping that I would be able to find a strong woman that would make me feel like the naughty little boy I was when I was spanked a long time ago. A lot of women who discipline focus only on the physicality of the impact. Alecia focuses on delivering an experience that also involves the emotions of the person that she is disciplining-which is exactly what I was seeking.  She knew exactly what to say and to do to involve me emotionally in my punishment. This made me very comfortable with her. Also, she is great at assuming different roles, the entire she was my strict mother. She is a very strict woman in the sessions but before and after has a warm personality.

She is also phenomenal at knowing how to read the body language of those she disciplines. She knew exactly how hard I could take it. Don't let her size fool you, she has a powerful swing. I can't wait to see her again on my next visit to Charlottesville."


"I found Ms. Alecia on Backpage.  It is easy to become enamored of an ideal, a thought, or an expectation.  I must say that upon first meeting her, I was immediately attracted to her physically.  I believe that kind of attraction is an important dynamic between disciplinarian and bottom or sub.

We had some casual conversation which she gracefully guided towards the necessary conversation regarding how our session was to be conducted, the issues which necessitated our meeting.  One thing that was very important to me was not just the physical discipline but the psychological impact of being scolded, chided, during the session.  Ms. Alecia certainly delivered "the goods".  She was attentive to where my head was at, required and enforced active participation in the session which helped me to stay focused on the reason for our session.

In short, if you are an experienced player or have never been spanked as an adult, Ms. Alecia has the skills as a disciplinarian, and has the personal touch to give you just enough and yet leave you eager for more. "


Alecia Stone @2014