Alecia Stone

Professional Disciplinarian

I am a professional disciplinarian, currently located in Charlottesville, Virginia. I host in the Charlottesville area, and also visit DC and other parts on the mid-Atlantic.

I specialize in strict disciplinarian sessions, typically otk with my hand, hairbrush, strap and other implements. I understand if you have been a naughty boy and need to have your bottom bared or if you just like to 'escape' into subspace over a strong woman's lap. If my client is interested, I also do role play in my disciplinary sessions, along with verbal humiliation, sissification and foot worship. If you are interested in something that I did not mention here, you can ask (as long as it does not involve sexual contact).

What I love most about spanking is its ability to totally transform people as they assume a different role that they are not usually able to in there every day lives. It is so much fun for me, as a dominant woman to have these experiences with those I discipline.  I focus on making each individuals experience unique. 

Are you ready to have your bottom bared?

Alecia Stone @2014